The Safe-Accu blood glucose monitoring kit from Hospital Warehouse for diabetic patients is user friendly, smaller, faster more accurate than older models – and comes with more beneficial features and accuracy without a prescription.

Safe-Accu, available exclusively from Hospital Warehouse offers you more benefits to prolong your life and stay health always.

Blood sugar monitoring kit

Our Safe-Accu blood glucose monitoring kit supplies: blood glucose monitor + test strips x 50 + lancing device + lancets x 50 + 2 AAA batteries + carry case + user manual ready to use out of box.

Easy to use

No coding required (auto calibration). Each test strip automatically calibrates itself to make testing easier than ever, simply insert a new test strip and apply blood.

Fast, accurate test results

Get results in as little as 9 seconds with merely 0.6µL blood sample needed. The auto calibration reduces user error and ensures accurate test results.

Stay fresh longer

Flip top bottle keeps all codefree test strips fresh longer within 18 month expiration date and is easy to open, close, and handle for people of all ages.

Great gift option

Take good care of your beloved family in monitoring and controlling their diabetes.

Safe-Accu Features and Benefits:

1. No coding technology: Eliminates the need to enter codes for different test strip batches.

2. Triple sense technology: Accurate results in 9 seconds.

3. ColourSure technology: Effortlessly view a red dot, meaning your reading is above/below average. A green dot shows your reading is within normal range.

4. Simple to operate: Automatically turn on when you insert the test strip into the strip port.

5. Individually sealed test strips: for extended life.

6. High-contrast LCD display: Large reading in a small, discreet meter.

7. Strong memory: 7, 14 and 28 day averages with 200 test results.

8. Warranty: We offer you a 18 month warranty and risk free within 30 days.

Operating procedure

Put batteries in correctly, you will notice information flashing on the monitor then disappearing soon after. Because this meter does not use the on/off switch, just insert the test strip into the strip port and it automatically turns on.

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